GAIN CONTROL of your information
Convert your data into information Access information from wherever you are Track attendances, fees and performance
SAVE TIME and Money
Stop duplicating various processes Improve administration and get yourself better organised Empower coaches, parents/guardians and players
IMPROVE your communication
Open dialogue with parents/guardians and players Share the club’s annual calendar at the beginning of the season Motivate your coaches and players
01. Save time and money
  • Prepare your training schedule (and other events) once at the beginning of the year and create a recurring invitation for all coaches, parents/guardians and players. All members will be automatically notified before each event.
  • Give access to parents/guardians and players to confirm their attendance
  • Accept Online payments from parents/guardians for Registrations, Kits and other Fees*
  • Empower parents/guardians to fill in and maintain their contact details
  • Archive season and replicate most parts of the current season for the next*.
  • Plan the way you split your football pitch at the beginning of the season and associate training sessions to specific areas of the pitch*.
02. Gain control of your information
  • Upload club documents in one place
  • Attach FA Registration forms to the players’ profiles
  • Attach Medical Consents and Medical Certificates to Players
  • Attach Coach’s Qualifications and other relevant information
  • Track player attendance during the season
  • Compare Player attendance to team average
  • Monitor Paid and Unpaid Fees*
  • Track Player Performance
  • Capture data such as Yellow Cards, Injuries, Goals scored during matches*
  • Immediate reporting and filtering options in all modules
  • Simple Income & Expenditure Account*
03. Communicate Better


  • Communicate directly with parents/guardians to inform them about various activities
  • Chase parents/guardians rather than children for payments
  • Focus on the people you need to communicate with
  • Avoid multiple “reply-to-all” situations


  • Involve parents/guardians by giving them the opportunity to confirm their children’s availability for training and matches
  • Open dialogue with players on a one to one basis due to lack of one to one time on the pitch.
  • Converse with and motivate players after training sessions or football matches*


  • Converse with your teammates
  • Ask your coach questions


  • Open dialogue with your children’s coach
  • Make recommendations to the club
  • * Features coming soon